How We Work

We don’t tell you WHAT to make. Instead, we tell you HOW to make it. 

So how do we achieve this? Simply put, designers do not work on the production line, shed or anywhere in between. The expertise of knowing HOW to create furniture lies with the carpenters. We bridge the gap between the two. 

In other words. We can tell the carpenters WHERE to screw or drill, the sequential order of WHAT to assemble, any EXTRA hidden panels needed for assembly. We do what designers CANT do and DONT know about furniture assembly past the designer stage.




Step 1

Your Design: For businesses, you send an image, CAD file or any other graphics file of the furniture in mind.

Step 2

After a short requirement assessment (materials, production variables and so on), we recreate your furniture design on AUTOCAD.

Step 3

Here is where the engineering kicks in. We explode the diagrams and create production mockups and construction manuals for your builders or carpenters.


Outsourcing Cost

We all know the benefits of outsourcing; namely, costs. We have the teams, hardware and business environment to be able to offer a lower cost than performing the work in-house.

Fast Delivery

Our typical turnaround time for a basic furniture sample is around 30 minutes. Depending on the complexity of the furniture, your requirements and your production abilities, we can deliver ASAP.


Inch perfect doesn't quite cut it. Our diagrams and instructional manuals tell you the places to cut, drill, screw, glue precisely. Your finished product will be the tangible representation of your design.

Efficient Teamwork

Because of the service we provide and the B2B nature, the work flow an product delivery aspect of your operations will be both qualitatively and quantitatively improved. Thats a guarantee.


We are available by whatever means suite you and your team. Skype, Whatsapp, Trello, Jira, tin can telephone etc. We are always available and on call regardless of time-zones, weekends or holidays.

Secure Payments

Since our headquarters are in Armenia. We can accept most forms of payment from Paypal, Western Union, Bank transfer, Bank transfer or cash. Whichever suites you. We also have an intermediary company in the UK.


Our solutions revolve around your business. We understand the lack of middle ground between designers and builders. In order to maximize workflow efficient in furniture production, the designers need to create products in a way they CAN be built, and builders need to assemble the furniture to create the product INTENDED by the designers. 

We slot into your production channels

We become part of your organisation; remotely. We fill the gap between the above mentioned divisions and remove the “experience firewall” between them. Our designer engineers know HOW to build furniture, in that way, they can provide a tangible method to build the furniture they create on the screen.

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